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August 2022


Come and see us this month - feeling generous!


If you want to buy wood we're the ones - er possibly


I realise the website looks a bit crap by current standards but that's to prepare you for the state of my wood sheds ... got some great timber though & I may even sell you some!


Goulden Hardwoods


Cabinet Makers, Hobby Woodworkers & Turners looking for small quantities of air dried English Hardwood - Oak, Elm, Ash, Beech, Sycamore, Cherry or Walnut - Goulden Hardwoods is the place for you.


Goulden's BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks


Open all year for diehards who BBQ whatever the the weather

Looking for hard to find BBQ Smoking wood chunks like Fruitwood Hickory Mesquite & Pecan and others? - hit the link for Goulden's BBQ Smoking Wood


Below are some of my friends :


LOGS LOGS LOGS -Andover and villages nearby only ...


... for a 1.5 m load. Erwin does the Andover area 01264 737655


Got the wood already (from Paul I hope) and need a craftsman to make your bespoke item of wood work perhaps a staircase or cupboards have a look at Richard's site.


Looking for a quality Oak framed barn or outbuilding or even a Porch? - James at Berkshire

Oak Barns is your man (His workshop is in Hampshire!)


Andover Down Sawmill now has it's own website contact Mark or Emma for Posts, Panels and that sort of stuff


Ant of Atwood Design has the woodworking expertise to do all of the above but is currently pretty fully booked with his electrical side of his business so if you need a sparky try him.


For Woodland Mulching and logs Erwin Phillips star of BBC breakfast is highly recommended.


Arborist Down the New Forest is Rob who has great Yew & Walnut, makes furniture and sells logs.


Want a wood turner for a special item? Speak to Paul via contacts page he knows a few!


For a rambling diary account of what the above characters plus a few other strange people have been up to visit the blogs the next great issue coming soon!