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Smoking Woods



Food smoking is ...


... a serious business in the BBQ world. What was a bit of a seasonal occupation is now all year round with an ever increasing range of outdoor cookers. From Street Food providers to BBQ Teams and other enthusiasts the demand for wood is growing.


Pictured below...


... is the best seller mixed box of Apple Oak and Cherry with a lump or two of other stuff. It's not sold by weight but there is about 14 - 15 kgs of wood - £30 + courier currently £9.


Of the three woods Oak is the cheapest followed by Cherry and then Apple. The Oak subsidises the more expensive fruit woods so if you had just Apple and Cherry it would be more expensive.


I import Hickory see more below and in addition the big 3 above I have Ash, Beech, Birch, Olive, Orange, Walnut and Sweet Chestnut with occasional Alder and Plum - prices.


Due in mid Summer 2017 Mesquite, Pecan and more Hickory!



The Cherry & Apple can look similar so I always put the Oak in the middle and scribble on a few bits. These boxes now have a few lumps of Olive and Orange.

The chunks are various sizes ...


... I appreciate someone once said the perfect size is fist sized but wood doesn't come like that particularly if split with a hydraulic ram so you will get a selection of bits size wise.



I'm really not the person to ask advice on cooking ...


... as I just sell the drugs, so to speak!


There are so many really knowledgeable people on the British BBQ Society Forums that I strongly advise you to have a look at it - you can index search the subject you want from types of meat to where the next competition.


Hickory is very popular in the USA ...


... because it is good for food smoking and because it is widely available and not expensive. Importing it with road and sea freight and import duties more than doubles the cost of a box/sack sold there.


This makes it basically twice the price per kg as English woods and my mark up won't make me rich. What a lot of people do is have a mixed box and a 2 kg bag pictured below as the two just squeeze under the courier weight limit for one parcel.


Mesquite and Pecan also from the ...


... States are even more difficult and expensive to source than Hickory but hope to have a small stock soon.





It comes from The States with lots of little bits and bark so that's what you will get with the chunks


E mail me Paul ...


... if you want a bit more information - I'm trying not to ramble on too much!


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