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I first met Ant at...


... Mark's sawmill in Andover Down. I was doing my usual waiting game for Mark to finish the fag, phone call or coffee and cut my wood and Ant had called at another place on the farm and had been lured by the sounds of wood cutting machinery.


Well, ok he was just having a nose round but he would call that networking. Having recently returned from living and working in the States he had bought a house in a village outside Andover and had recently started up his business ATWOOD.


The name is cunningly...


... made up of his initials A. T. and wood to make ATWOOD DESIGN. All good so far except that he is also a qualified electrician and this side of his business is growing as fast as the wood side so he's got a few decisions to make on the name front. I have advised calling it "AT all types of wood work, cabinet making and that sort of stuff and full range of Electical Services Ltd " but for some reason he doesn't think that is catchy enough.


Before the customer could say where the hell is my walnut cabinet it was installed, see below.

Ant has managed...


... to set up a workshop with enough space and toys to make anyone jealous. It also has a paint room, large office and most importantly a kettle though rather annoyingly he does sometimes eat all the biscuits- well, actually he mostly eats all the biscuits.


So with the right tool for every wood job he can create what you need from scratch or refurbish old family heirlooms.


I think the term is bespoke which I always thought meant outrageously expensive but I've seen some of his jobs and I didn't pass out at the price.


Open this dinky little corner number up and it is full of little drawers and that sort of thing!

What gives him the edge over...


... other tradesmen is is customer care/ charm without becoming a smarmy git. He gets a lot of repeat business and work through personal recommendation. Though frankly if he thinks I'm going to recommend him without a decent bung.......


Actually, I would because he does a good job, full stop. Readers with a bit of staying power who have trawled through the blogs will see in ' Friend or Foe' he fixed my murdered gate- admittedly it was him who killed the old one but that isn't the point.


He also sold my Landy for me getting me £300 more than I thought I would, so he has a range of talents.


Ant thinks this is too simple to be featured but the client was thrilled - sad , but true!

So to sum up...


...if you live in, around or not too far from Andover and you are looking for a quality cabinet maker Ant's yer man.


Though it doesn't quite fit with Hampshire Wood Suppliers he's also who to call for all certified Electrical work.


Easiest way to contact him...



... is on his mobile 07894 048737 or Landline 01264 334296




Or through his official website